We are happy to announce diamond cash instant airdrop is now officially live for all users worldwide. Our intent is to build and grow a community to shape the future of the sharing economy, and give early participants some free DCASH coins.

Airdrop Rewards :
Complete Social Tasks : 10 DCASH
For Referral 2 DCASH

Diamond Cash Instant Airdrop Link : https://t.me/dcashairdrop_bot

🔹Join our Telegram Group and Telegram Channel
🔹Follow on Twitter Like, Retweet pinned post
🔹Follow our advertiser’s social profiles
🔹Withdraw your airdrop tokens instantly to your dcash wallet

🔹Every user will receive 10 DCASH for completing above tasks
🔹Also get 2 DCASH for each valid referral

Diamond Cash (DCASH) is already listed on pancakeswap and Hotbit

Diamond Cash Giveaway Round 4 is officially live now. Winners will share total reward of 21,000 $DCASH

1000 lucky fans will share 10,000 $DCASH

🥇 Top 1 Inviter will receive 5,000 $DCASH
🥈 Top 2 Inviter will receive 3,000 $DCASH
🥉 Top 3 Inviter will receive 1,000 $DCASH

Next Top 100 Inviters will share 2,000 $DCASH

Fill this form to participate — https://forms.gle/ad9qiCTaNT6zRs5H9

▪️Giveaway will end on 30 June 2021.
▪️Prize distribution will be done on same day

Diamond Cash Team

Dear Respected Users,

Hotbit is scheduled to list DCASH (Diamond Cash) on Global Section.

Deposit function launches at: 2021.06.03 07:00 AM UTC

Trading function launches at: 2021.06.03 09:00 AM UTC

Trading Pair: DCASH/USDT

【Hotbit users exclusively enjoy “Minus Maker Means Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker order, the user will enjoy 0 transaction fee and an extra 0.30% of the trading volume of his/her maker order as reward on Global Section!】

Project Name: Diamond Cash

Abbreviation: DCASH

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply: 35,100,000 DCASH

Circulating supply: 800,000 DCASH

Official Website: https://diamondcash.org

Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x12c2fc002deaf2239dda8cb92f3b28bbcbe96323

🚀 Buy now on pancakeswap and be ready to fly with us on Hotbit


Fill Your Pockets With Diamonds Now Before Getting Late 💎💎

Thank you for your support!

Diamond Cash Team


With lower transaction fees than any credit card, better exchange rates than any government backed currency, and faster transaction confirmations than Diamondcash.org other digital payments, Diamond Cash is the Decentralized Finance currency On Binance Smart Chain.


Diamond Cash is a global currency…

Diamond Cash Official

Diamond Cash (DCASH) is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Official Website https://diamondcash.org

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