We are happy to announce diamond cash instant airdrop is now officially live for all users worldwide. Our intent is to build and grow a community to shape the future of the sharing economy, and give early participants some free DCASH coins.

Airdrop Rewards :
Complete Social Tasks : 10 DCASH
For Referral 2 DCASH

Diamond Cash Instant Airdrop Link : https://t.me/dcashairdrop_bot

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🔹Withdraw your airdrop tokens instantly to your dcash wallet

🔹Every user will receive 10 DCASH for completing above tasks
🔹Also get 2 DCASH for each valid referral

Diamond Cash (DCASH) is already listed on pancakeswap and Hotbit



Diamond Cash Giveaway Round 4 is officially live now. Winners will share total reward of 21,000 $DCASH

1000 lucky fans will share 10,000 $DCASH

🥇 Top 1 Inviter will receive 5,000 $DCASH
🥈 Top 2 Inviter will receive 3,000 $DCASH
🥉 Top 3 Inviter will receive 1,000 $DCASH

Next Top 100 Inviters will share 2,000 $DCASH

Fill this form to participate — https://forms.gle/ad9qiCTaNT6zRs5H9

▪️Giveaway will end on 30 June 2021.
▪️Prize distribution will be done on same day

Diamond Cash Team



Dear Respected Users,

Hotbit is scheduled to list DCASH (Diamond Cash) on Global Section.

Deposit function launches at: 2021.06.03 07:00 AM UTC

Trading function launches at: 2021.06.03 09:00 AM UTC

Trading Pair: DCASH/USDT

【Hotbit users exclusively enjoy “Minus Maker Means Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker order, the user will enjoy 0 transaction fee and an extra 0.30% of the trading volume of his/her maker order as reward on Global Section!】

Project Name: Diamond Cash

Abbreviation: DCASH

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply: 35,100,000 DCASH

Circulating supply: 800,000 DCASH

Official Website: https://diamondcash.org

Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x12c2fc002deaf2239dda8cb92f3b28bbcbe96323

🚀 Buy now on pancakeswap and be ready to fly with us on Hotbit


Fill Your Pockets With Diamonds Now Before Getting Late 💎💎

Thank you for your support!

Diamond Cash Team



Diamond Cash Official

Diamond Cash (DCASH) is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Official Website https://diamondcash.org